FreeBSD Support

FreeBSD Support

Flexible, Expert FreeBSD Support

FreeBSD Support

Our FreeBSD support subscription gives you the flexibility, experience and ability to innovate around the box derived from our team of expert engineers. Unlock the ability to maximize the performance of your FreeBSD system regardless of the environment complexity.

What’s Included

  • Design and implementation validation
  • Planning new feature deployment
  • Best practices support and advisory
  • Access to our engineers during business hours
  • Emergency FreeBSD support
  • FreeBSD development advice
  • Upstream and upgrade support

Key Benefits of a FreeBSD Support Subscription

Monthly Service

The FreeBSD Support Subscription is designed to give you as much flexibility as you need, on a monthly basis. Set the pace, the topic and the needs for your subscription on a monthly basis.

Technical Support

Gain instant access to our team of senior FreeBSD engineers to solve any infrastructure issues swiftly and with no impact. 

Leverage the FreeBSD Ecosystem

Klara becomes your bridge to the open-source community and the upstreaming process. For any bugfixes or specific FreeBSD fixes that might be necessary, our team ensures that these code fixes make its way into upstream and become part of the next iteration of FreeBSD.

Unlock Your Security Framework

Our team of engineers will advise you on industry best practices, and Klara’s support service is designed to ensure your systems adhere to the different security, legal or regulatory needs.

Lifecycle Management

OS Management is one of the key items in every infrastructure. Take advantage of our engineers’ experience to selecting the correct software for your specific application and ensure seamless upgrades without impact to your business applications.

Change Management

Tracking changes in your environment is vital to business continuity. Our team provides a consistent approach to change management, ensuring all changes are applied and documented for future planning.

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The Value of Klara to Your Organization

Klara’s FreeBSD team provides you with the experience to keep your systems running reliably and securely. Whether you need support for a single project or an extended support subscription, Klara is your direct line to enterprise-grade quality and performance.

Seniority AND Expertise

Our engineers have decades of experience in FreeBSD and are on the cutting edge of open-source technology. A Klara support subscription provides instant access to the resources you need to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Cost Savings

Finding, hiring, and training a team of FreeBSD experts is extremely expensive and time-consuming. However, Klara support engineers have years of experience at a predictable fixed cost that matches your needs. In addition, with a Klara support subscription, you can leverage our team of experts to ensure your business maximizes the cost-benefit of future upgrades.

Risk Reduction

Klara’s expert engineers will advise you concerning industry best practices ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This service will be crucial if your business faces an official audit against a regulatory framework. 

Emergency Support

Consider us your safety net. In case of a failure or configuration error, we are here to get you back operational with minimum downtime. Klara’s support service can be a vital part of your business’s disaster recovery plan, quickly getting your systems back online with minimal downtime.

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