FreeBSD Package Building

Package Building

The Klara Package Management solution helps our partners build and sustain custom package repositories that meet their needs for recency, security, and stability. Our team ensures you select the correct branch point, eliminating unneeded dependencies, choose the best distribution mechanism, and optimize your build process for the best turnaround.

The Challenge

The requirements of each environment are unique, and the applications and options delivered to them should be as well. Removing unneeded features and options reduces the attack surface of your infrastructure, reduces the frequency of critical patches, and improves overall security posture. It also creates a lightweight operating system, designed to manage exactly what you need it to and nothing else.

Advantages of Package Building for FreeBSD

Simplified Software Installation

Rely on our team to create a pre-compiled binary package, making software installation quick and straightforward. Users can easily install, update, and manage packages using package managers like pkg, saving time and effort compared to manual compilation.

Dependency Management

Package building automatically resolves and manages software dependencies, ensuring that all required libraries and components are included. Our team ensures the right branch point is selected and can also help you add your add your own custom applications, and interface with your CI/CD workflow.

Working with Klara’s FreeBSD Engineering team to create FreeBSD packages ensures optimized, reliable, and secure software deployments tailored to specific needs. Our expertise streamlines package building, managing dependencies, and automating updates, providing efficient and hassle-free software installation and maintenance.

Getting Started


Our team can also help you package and distribute your software for your customers. Making your commercial application available as a FreeBSD package or a repository makes it easier for your users to install the applications and keep it up to date. This improves both the customer experience and the image of your product, and lessens the burden on your support team. 

Let’s help you get started with your package building project.

What Klara delivers:

  • Create and maintain custom repositories 
  • Control your update cadence 
  • Local/Private packages 
  • CI/CD Integration 
  • Distribute packages to your customers