OpenZFS Storage Design

ZFS Storage Design

The Klara ZFS Storage Design and Implementation solution delivers a turn-key solution to upgrading or deploying your OpenZFS infrastructure. Getting the performance your users and applications demand requires a deep understanding of ZFS and how it integrates with your hardware, operating system, and applications.

The Challenge

The challenge in setting up an OpenZFS storage infrastructure lies in the complexity of configuring data protection features, optimizing performance, and ensuring hardware compatibility. Customization is vital due to diverse storage needs, and lacking expertise could lead to suboptimal configurations. Additionally, seamless data migration and thorough testing pose further hurdles, demanding specialized knowledge for successful implementation.

Accelerate Your Storage Infrastructure with Our ZFS Storage Design Service

Selecting the correct hardware, sizing the network, choosing the type and size of storage media, deciding how much redundancy is required, and determining the right replication schedule, all must be considered before the successful build of any ZFS storage design process can begin. All these decisions require proficiency and experience with the entire storage ecosystem.

We understand the complexities, best practices, and potential pitfalls and ensure a well-optimized and reliable storage solution tailored to your needs.

Setting up and configuring storage systems incorrectly can lead to data loss, performance bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities. Working with our team removes the risk of critical errors, protecting your data and operations.

Getting Started with ZFS Storage Design


Klara’s team of ZFS storage designers have the experience and expertise to architect and implement advanced OpenZFS storage arrays tailored to specific workloads and use cases to get optimal performance and ensure complete data integrity.

Let’s help you get started with your storage design and implementation audit. What our team delivers:

  • Hardware selection and recommendations
  • Pool design and implementation
  • Existing pool auditing (for re-architecture and expansion projects)
  • Optimization and Tuning
  • Metrics and Monitoring Integration
  • Network Integration