Become part of the Klara family

As a provider of open-source services, Klara focuses on the art of open software and community-driven development. We believe that in order to foster creativity and advance technology in an ethical fashion we must continue fueling the spirit of open source.

B2B Content Marketing Specialist

Be a part of the open source movement, and help us spread the word far and wide about our efforts. If you want to be a part of an agile startup community that focuses on the ethical values of open source this is a great opportunity to put your skills to great use as part of a dynamic, driven team.


Arm Compiler and Toolchain Engineer

Do you want to work on Arm architectures and put your assembly language skills to good use? Come help us develop great software for our customers and partners and have fun while dabbing at sanitizers, compilers and other OS security features.

In your role as a Toolchain Developer you will help extend the LLVM compiler with new features, and help integrate those features into the target operating system.

FreeBSD Kernel Developer

Do you want to work on the FreeBSD kernel and play with C? As a FreeBSD Kernel Developer, you will report to the CTO of Klara Inc. In your role as a Kernel Engineer you will help our team deliver new features and enhancements to the FreeBSD operating system.

FreeBSD/ZFS System Administrator

Our support engineering team needs a confident system administrator with a will to play with FreeBSD or OpenZFS on a daily basis. All our jobs are remote, so you don’t have to worry about location and commutes.

Do you want to be part of the one company in the open source space that work on and with FreeBSD or OpenZFS on a daily basis? This is the excellent opportunity for take your passion to the next level.