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Our promise to the community and our engineers is to keep innovating and keep FreeBSD engineering fun.

We are always looking for new talent to join our team, so even if the positions below don’t fit you send us an e-mail and we will arrange a quick chat with one of our engineers.
Learn more about becoming a FreeBSD system administrator for Klara.

System Administrator

Our support engineering team needs a confident system administrator with a will to play with FreeBSD on a daily basis. All our jobs are remote, so you don’t have to worry about location and commutes. Read below to find out more about this job.

What We Expect

As a member of the operations and support department, you will take an active role in the configuration and management of customer systems. You will be responsible for defining, documenting and deploying best practices and responding to customer incidents and queries in a timely professional manner.


Keeping the customer happy! However, some of the expected tasks involve: detecting and troubleshooting system issues or conducting audits of customer systems.

Responding to alerts and tickets from the customer and ultimately design and implementation of new systems.


Are you comfortable with FreeBSD environments? Do you have 3+ years experience of system administration? We would also need the candidate to have strong FreeBSD debugging and troubleshooting skills.

A will to learn and team spirit are incredibly important too.

Learn more about becoming an Angular Web Developer for our FreeBSD project!

Angular Web Developer

Our project team is in need of a web developer that is highly proficient in Angular. This position, for one of our more special projects within Klara requires also an eye for design and an a certain understanding of the engineering world. If this intersection of art and engineering sounds just like your thing, send us a message!


What We Expect

As a member of the project engineering department, you will take an active role in the development process of our web applications. You will jump into our existing Angular code and be responsible for understanding, adding to, and improving it.

You will be responsible for shaping a simple, intuitive user experience to improve the lives of our customers.


Since we already have some Angular code, one of your responsibilities is to improve on what’s there. Create a high quality UX within the application.

You will have a leadership position within the project team when it comes to UX, we expect you to advise and take the lead in coordinating these elements.


Our ideal candidate is a team player first of all, and an independent engineer at the same time. We are here to coach you, but the seniority of the position means taking charge.

Proficiency with JS, Angular and/or Node are a must. Same for the understanding of rest APIs. You must be comfortable working in sprints.

We are always looking for passionate FreeBSD engineers.

Either part-time or full-time, we are always growing, always looking. Join us now!


Development Team

For our development team, the right candidate would have skills in one of the following fields:

  • Filesystem development (ZFS on FreeBSD or ZoL)
  • Kernel development
  • OS development (FreeBSD)
  • ARM development

Operations Team

Our operations team is always looking for both seniors and juniors. Some of the profiles are:

  • System administrators
  • Storage engineers (ZFS or ZoL experience)
  • Support technicians
  • Technical account managers


We also have some specific requirements for people talented at writing or speaking about technology.

  • Instructors and speakers
  • Technical writers
  • Porters and packagers
  • Technical marketers