FreeBSD Development, Solutions and Support

FreeBSD Development, Solutions and Support

Klara Inc. specializes in all things FreeBSD, delivering tailored solutions for business needs. Our team also ensures that implemented systems run smoothly by offering continuous support. With Klara, businesses benefit from dependable technology and consistent post-implementation assistance.

Crafted for Freedom: The FreeBSD Advantage

FreeBSD is an operating system noted for its stability, performance, and advanced networking capabilities. Originating from the Unix family, it’s the choice for many data centers and embedded systems across the globe.

Among the many things that sets FreeBSD apart is its BSD licensing model. Unlike the GPL (General Public License), which enforces the public release of code modifications, the BSD license offers more freedom. This flexibility allows businesses and developers to adapt and incorporate FreeBSD into their products without the need to disclose their alterations. This kind of freedom is a boon for companies aiming to develop proprietary solutions without any licensing hindrances.


Our FreeBSD Services

  • Kernel Customization
  • File System Enhancements
  • Driver Development
  • Network Stack Enhancements
  • Security Modules Development
  • Userland Enhancements
  • Custom Package Management Solutions
  • Upstreaming Contributions to the FreeBSD Project

  • Scalable Server Deployments
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions (firewalls, VPNs, routers)
  • Security Hardening and Auditing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Virtualized Environment Setups (e.g., jails, bhyve)
  • Bug Investigation and Resolution
  • Comprehensive FreeBSD Audit
  • Platform Validation and Testing.

  • Kernel and System Troubleshooting
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Hardware Compatibility and Driver Issues
  • Network Configuration and Issue Resolution
  • Security Patching and Vulnerability Management
  • System Upgrade Assistance
  • Custom Configuration and System Tailoring.


Our Value Proposition: Why Choose Klara for Your FreeBSD Needs

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