Our mission is to support every FreeBSD-fueled enterprise.

And making sure that engineering is fun for our team

Our story is deeply rooted in the values of open source, and especially, the values of FreeBSD.

Our engineers are our greatest assets, and the will and desire to create a company that customers can rely on, while still empowering engineers to learn, be creative, and get better at the things they like was one of our reasons to get started.

As one of the few companies supporting FreeBSD, we knew we had to make a difference so we put our values forward from day 1. By partnering up with our customers and creating a strong team for our engineers, we saw growth on both sides. More engineers wanted to join our team, and more customers wanted to work with us.

Our Mission

We aim for excellence in our field. We pride ourselves as being a team of experts that collaborate to help you, our customer.

Our ethos is deeply rooted in open source where the aim is progress, openness, quality and collaboration. We are committed to delivering these values to each and every one of our customers and taking your infrastructure and the technology you are developing to the next level.

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to become the trusted partner for all FreeBSD-based companies. We want to grow and serve the community and the enterprise domain. And we want to do it with our engineers having fun, and turning FreeBSD into an awesome career.

We started out because we saw a gap in the market – the lack of a relevant partner for FreeBSD. We will have truly accomplished our vision not only with an ever-growing customer base, but when we can consistently keep our customers satisfied.

Our Founders


Sabina Anja

Our business-oriented co-founder has a reputation for starting up companies, with Klara being a more recent and well-defined success. With a background in networking and infrastructure in general, Sabina’s greatest asset is her passion for technology paired with deep interest for people and business development.

Read some of Sabina’s thoughts on technology on her blog.

Follow Sabina on Linkedin and Twitter.

Allan Jude

Our technical lead from day 1, Allan is well known in the FreeBSD community as the go-to-person for ZFS, and not only. Leading the technical Klara team, Allan has a deep passion for all things FreeBSD. Author of not one, but two ZFS books: FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS and FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS.

You can listen to Allan’s weekly BSD podcast at BSDNow.tv.

Follow Allan on Linkedin and Twitter.