FreeBSD Bug Investigation and Patching

FreeBSD Bug Investigation and Patching

The Klara Bug Investigation and Patching solution delivers comprehensive framework around debugging critical issues in FreeBSD. Our experienced team is available to resolve issues and adapt the software as needed to suit the needs of your infrastructure and ensure the necessary continuity at the community level as well.

The Challenge

Software is never perfect. With so many pieces of code interacting with each other, and with the amount of new code introduced every day, bugs and code malfunctions are inevitable. And when working with open source code, fixing the issue or the bug is not the end of the journey. Upstreaming it ensures it’s fixed for the entire community and prevents the issue from returning with the next release, but it adds a layer of complexity to the process.

Three Advantages of Klara’s FreeBSD Bug Investigation Solution

Tailored To You

Each bug is unique in how it impacts your environment. Our team will prioritize, track, and address these issues according to your specific requirements.

Always in the Loop

Through regular status updates and an open bug tracking system, enabling real-time monitoring of bug progress and fostering a sense of involvement in the resolution process.

Cost Control

The cost is capped once the initial investigation has been completed. This ensures clear priorities, scope and efficient resources allocation.

Get Started Today 

Ensure you always have access to the expertise you need to keep your infrastructure working as it continues to evolve. Ongoing support from people who understands your application and how it is used ensures you get the best outcome. 


How Does It Work?

  • Phase 1 – The bug investigation phase identifies the root cause of the defect and attempts to mitigate the issue. (lessen its impact)
  • Phase 2 – The scoping phase investigates what changes will be required and generates a (fixed-price) quote to resolve the defect.
  • Phase 3 – The patching phase delivers the fixes and optionally contributes them back to the open source project.
  • Additional community and infrastructure support to ensure no future impact