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OpenZFS Support

With a wide array of ZFS development and support projects as part of our portfolio, our teams are ready to tackle any challenge and undertake any project to further enable your ZFS storage environment

Why Subscribe to OpenZFS Services?

Our ZFS Support offering provides transparent, personalized services from our round-the-world specialists in ZFS. Backed by our support team means that your infrastructure will always have a direct relationship with the OpenZFS community and the open source community in general. Not only that, but from the moment you sign on, we become directly involved in the success and stability of your infrastructure, and directly interested in maximizing the investment you put in your OpenZFS infrastructure.

Our ZFS Support teams work with a variety of deployments – either ZFS on Linux (known simply as OpenZFS starting with OpenZFS 2.0) or running on FreeBSD. Our focus is the stability, growth and proactive enablement of your infrastructure. This allows your teams to shift their focus on other priorities in your environment and ensures the success of your critical business.

What’s Included?

  • Design and implementation validation
  • Planning new feature deployment
  • Best practices support and advisory
  • Access to our engineers during business hours
  • OpenZFS development advice
  • Upstream and upgrade support
  • Emergency support

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Advantages of using Klara for Your OpenZFS Support

Advisory Services – Consult with our OpenZFS experts about your existing or planned deployments to ensure they provide the stability and redundancy so desired in a stable infrastructure.

#Performing and #Tuning – Is your pool or your OpenZFS environment not performing as well as you need? Our ZFS support team can investigate and suggest changes to maximize performance for your workload. Audit, plan, deploy.

Features and Future-proofing – OpenZFS is always growing new features and enhanced functionality. Our ZFS Support team is ready to help you keep up-to-date and take advantage of this cutting-edge technology

Integration and Development – Are you building an appliance or application on top of OpenZFS? Or maybe just planning to and would like to validate your plans. Either way, our ZFS Support team is here to make it easier for you to make your plans a successful reality.

About OpenZFS

ZFS is known as a filesystem, as well as a logical volume manager. What this means is that ZFS easily replaces traditional filesystems and RAID solutions, handling storage completely between the disk and the OS. In other words, ZFS not only controls how your files are stored on the hard drive, but also logically arranges your files, for RAID and redundancy purposes.

First developed by Matt Ahrens and Jeff Bonwick at Sun Microsystems, under an open-source license, as OpenSolaris, it slowly become popular due to its incredible features. After Sun was acquired by Oracle, the development of the OpenSolaris operating system and, therefore, ZFS was discontinued – it looked like a particularly bleak day in ZFS’s history. However, from that point on, most of the team left Solaris to continue the development of open source ZFS, forming the OpenZFS project in 2013. 

OpenZFS is available and widely used in Unix-like systems, such as Illumos, FreeBSD, macOS, Linux. And with the coming of OpenZFS the deployment has been significantly consolidated across platforms – meaning that while there will always be subtle differences between the way it runs on Linux and FreeBSD, the system as a whole will be far more consistent than in the days of ZoL.

Something always worth keeping in mind is that ZFS protects your data. Being classified as Copy-on-Write (CoW), it provides a myriad of relevant features such as snapshots, transparent compression, replication and others. ZFS hierarchically checksums your data and metadata and keeps checksums separately from their blocks, thus efficiently verifying the validity of your data. Using mirrors or RAIDZ1, RAIDZ2 and RAIDZ3, ZFS immediately corrects whatever errors it finds.

OpenZFS has the additional property of offering easily configurable parameters for optimal functionality and has many features that differentiate it from traditional filesystems.

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