OpenZFS Support

Redefining OpenZFS Support

OpenZFS Support

Our ZFS Support offering provides transparent, personalized services from our round-the-world specialists in ZFS. Backed by our support team means that your infrastructure will always have a direct relationship with the OpenZFS community and the open source community in general. Not only that, but from the moment you sign on, we become directly involved in the success and stability of your infrastructure, and directly interested in maximizing the investment you put in your OpenZFS infrastructure.

What’s Included?

  • Design and implementation validation
  • Planning new feature deployment
  • Best practices support and advisory
  • Access to our engineers during business hours
  • OpenZFS development advice
  • Upstream and upgrade support
  • Emergency support

Key Benefits of an OpenZFS Support Subscription

Monthly Service

The OpenZFS Support Subscription is designed to give you as much flexibility as you need, on a monthly basis. Set the pace, the topic and the needs for your subscription on a monthly basis.

Technical Expertise

Get in touch with “the best of the best”. With decades of ZFS (and later OpenZFS) experience, our team has seen every flavor of storage issue.

Trusted Industry Leader

An OpenZFS support subscription with Klara provides everything you need to run all your systems reliably and securely. In addition to technical support, a subscription gives you access to a community of experts, knowledge resources, system updates, configuration management, and support tools you can’t get anywhere else.

Configuration Management

You can only lose data once. And we don’t want you to lose it at all. Our team provides a consistent approach to change management, ensuring all changes are applied without impact to your production and documented for future planning.

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The Value of Klara to Your Organization

Klara’s OpenZFS team provides you with the experience to keep your data running reliably and securely. Whether you need support for a single project or an extended support subscription, Klara is your direct line to enterprise-grade quality and performance.

Advisory Services

Consult with our experienced OpenZFS engineers about your existing or planned deployments to ensure they provide the stability and redundancy so desired in a stable infrastructure.

Performance and Tuning

Is your pool or your OpenZFS environment not performing as well as you need? Our ZFS support team can investigate and suggest changes to maximize performance for your workload. Audit, plan, deploy.

Features and Future-proofing

OpenZFS is always growing new features and enhanced functionality. Our ZFS Support team is ready to help you keep up-to-date and take advantage of this cutting-edge technology

Emergency Recovery

Consider us your safety net. In case of a failure or configuration error, we are here to get you back operational with minimum downtime. Klara’s support service can be a vital part of your business’s disaster recovery and continuity plan, quickly getting your systems back online with minimal downtime.

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