OpenZFS Support

Redefining OpenZFS Support

OpenZFS Support

Our ZFS Support offering provides transparent, personalized services from our round-the-world specialists in ZFS. Backed by our support team means that your infrastructure will always have a direct relationship with the OpenZFS community and the open source community in general. Not only that, but from the moment you sign on, we become directly involved in the success and stability of your infrastructure, and directly interested in maximizing the investment you put in your OpenZFS infrastructure.

What’s Included?

  • Design and implementation validation
  • Planning new feature deployment
  • Best practices support and advisory
  • Access to our engineers during business hours
  • OpenZFS development advice
  • Upstream and upgrade support
  • Emergency support
  1. Assessment and Evaluation: We start by assessing your OpenZFS infrastructure’s needs. We inquire and identify challenges, performance bottlenecks, or technical issues you’re facing within your OpenZFS setup. Lastly, we determine whether you require support for bug investigation, performance optimization, security concerns, or general guidance.
  2. Solution Fit: Our team will propose a Subscription Agreement that will suit your needs and budget and draft an in scope/out-of-scope list of activities. This can involve applying patches, modifying configurations, or making adjustments to your OpenZFS setup.
  3. Ongoing Support: Based on the scope of the support agreement, you will receive ongoing assistance for maintenance, updates, and future issues that may arise in your OpenZFS environment. We will regularly review your support arrangement to ensure it continues to meet your organization’s needs.

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Still unsure? Read our Datasheet on OpenZFS Support and Learn More about our service.

Also, our teams have a 24h response time, so you can rest assured someone will reach out to you shortly.