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The Filesystem for the Next Generation of Data

In 2001, the Z File System (or ZFS) saw the light of the day as a result of the collaboration between Matt Ahrens and Jeff Bonwick. Designed as a next-generation filesystem for Sun Microsystem’s Solaris, ZFS was a few years later ported to FreeBSD and Linux. Ever since, ZFS has been implemented in numerous large deployments at various enterprises around the world. Klara is one of the leading ZFS services companies on the market, and we are looking, together with our customers at how we can build stronger infrastructures based on ZFS.

When ZFS was created, the aim was to create the last filesystem that the world of data will need – “the last word in filesystems”. Jumping on a 128-bit architecture, ZFS directly became an enterprise-ready open-source filesystem and volume manager with incredible flexibility and an uncompromising approach to data integrity. For once, there was a filesystem that was not a result of incremental developments, and endless frustrations. Something new, fresh and future-proof.

ZFS is a filesystem designed from the start to ensure the durability of your data. Its block-pointer based design allows ZFS to store the checksum of every record, verify those checksums as a routine maintenance operation, and ensure that only the correct data is returned to the application. Combined with its multi-tiered caching, transparent compression, market leading triple parity RAID, and ease of administration, ZFS provides an excellent platform for building both infrastructure and products.

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ZFS Development

We have built a world-class team focusing on ZFS development. So good, that we started building our own product on ZFS. Reach out to us and together we can work on the right way forward in your ZFS development story.

ZFS Support

ZFS rarely breaks, but we still want to be there for you when it does. Together with our growing ZFS team we can offer you the kind of support that helps you never worry about your infrastructure ever again. ZFS does most of the work, we are your trusted safety net.

ZFS Learning

If you want to further enable your team and their knowledge of ZFS, we are fully equipped for standard or custom trainings around ZFS. Not only that, but we can even work on creating short, refresh curriculums to make sure your team is always up-to-date.

New to ZFS? Let’s help you get started!

We are offering a 30-minutes consultancy session to all our customers who want to know more about enabling their ZFS environment even further. Whether you are at a pivotal point in your ZFS development or deployment, or you are simply wondering if it will be the right solution for you, simply reach out to us.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Our co-founder Allan Jude wrote two books on the subject of ZFS. He is also one of the primary committers of ZFS code in FreeBSD, and an active participant in the OpenZFS community!