Open Source Development. Reimagined.

Experts in FreeBSD, ZFS and ARM/Embedded

Open Source Development. Reimagined

The world of vendor lock-ins and closed source is over.

Leverage the unprecedented openness of open source platforms and transform your infrastructure with unparalleled open source development and support. Whether you are pursuing an open source strategy on your own or looking to outsource your efforts, we can ensure you will achieve the outcomes you need.

Arm & Embedded Development

Take advantage of the rapidly growing ARMv8 ecosystem to build low-power clouds, more efficient appliances or a next-gen high-performance server.

OpenZFS Development

Our renowned team of ZFS developers can help you design your next deployment, diagnose performance issues and develop new features.

FreeBSD Development

Our expert FreeBSD Developers use a deliverable-based workflow to build custom boot loaders, device drivers, security features, and other kernel enhancements.

The Klara Support Subscription

We know that FreeBSD and ZFS support is important to your business and we want to make it easy for you to get access to our world-class FreeBSD and ZFS services. Our standard subscription packages are built to be easy and flexible so you can get the most out of your infrastructure. Go for packages of 5, 10 or 15 hours per month, and mix and match between OpenZFS and FreeBSD based on your needs.

OpenZFS Support

We provide comprehensive support services for ZFS infrastructures as well as implementing DevOps and CI/CD practices. Our support subscription ensures you have capable experts you can count on if you need help at any point.

FreeBSD Support

Detail-oriented, expert FreeBSD services are challenging to find. A FreeBSD support subscription ensures that you are ready for anything your FreeBSD infrastructure needs, and you can rely on our experts 24/7.

Our Commitment to Open Source

The story of Klara is deeply rooted in open source values. We are a direct the result of the FreeBSD open source community and we will continue to uphold those values. Community building and transparency are some of the most important traits in the way we approach our customers and their business.

Let’s build something great together!