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We are the leading providers of enterprise services and support for your FreeBSD infrastructure.



software development

Software Development

Using our open source expertise and our FreeBSD experts we aim to provide the best development services to our customers. From custom system design to ARM and kernel development we approach all complex and multidimensional IT challenges from a business perspective.

Enterprise Support

We know how difficult it is to find regular support for FreeBSD. That is why we have multiple ways of supporting our open source customers. Ranging from a few hours per month, or a full 24/7 offering we are always engaged with our customers through our Klara Support Subscription.


Learning more about FreeBSD is as easy as getting in touch with us. We work with our customers to scope out and provide trainings that cater to their specific needs and offer these trainings as either online or offline learning experiences. Learn more about our Klara Learning Subscription today.


Claim your free assessment today

We understand that the world is changing. To help your immediate needs, you can book an assessment with one of our experts with no strings attached.

Your business.

Our speciality.

Talk to the Expert. Every time.

Start working directly with experts from the FreeBSD community and take advantage of the power of teamwork. While keeping control on the deliverables and the level of help and support you need, you can now leverage the team of senior developers and system administrators that we have on staff.

Open Source. Always.

We are part of the open source community. That means you will never be out of the loop with the latest commits and upgrades. We write the best practices together with the community and our engineers are a part of the community that makes FreeBSD what it is today.

The Story

We started our journey building Klara because we believe in the power of open source and FreeBSD. We listened to our customers and answered the need for a company that can guide enterprises in their FreeBSD use and development.

Our Team

From the beginning, we wanted to give FreeBSD developers a place to combine work and pleasure. When looking in the community, it wasn’t hard to find the right candidates to start the company with. 2 years later and our team is constantly growing.

Let’s build something great together!