Technology constantly evolves.

So do we.

We are committed to the new era in computing. Read about our commitment to a FreeBSD and ARM future and how we can become your datacenter software development partner.

The Klara Support Subscription

We know that FreeBSD and ZFS support is important to your business and we want to make it easy for you to get access to our world-class FreeBSD and ZFS services. Our standard subscription packages are built to be easy and flexible so you can get the most out of your infrastructure.

ZFS Support? Or FreeBSD Support?

We have you covered for both. Our Klara support services cover production infrastructure support, lifecycle management and advice, software development advice and access to our FreeBSD and ZFS experts and tools that help you push your infrastructure to the next level of efficiency and reliability. 

Leveraging Your Infrastructure Needs with Klara

Skyrocket your development

Accelerating Software Development

Outsourcing your software development seems like a big step. With Klara, you’ll only outsource your worries. FreeBSD software development is first nature to us. Whether you are developing on an x86 or ARM, or looking for kernel development we are here to accelerate your software development journey.

Expert Team Collaboration

We know how difficult it is to find regular support for FreeBSD. That is why we have multiple ways of supporting our open source customers. Ranging from a few hours per month, or a full 24/7 offering we are always engaged with our customers through our Klara Support Subscription.

Cost Control

In a world facing continuous challenges, we know cost control matters. We work closely together with our customers to provide business and long-term value in their software development. Sitting together with financial and business teams we aim to provide the most value through our projects to companies of all sizes.

All Klara Services

ARM Development

For years, ARM (originally Acorn RISC Machines but now Advanced RISC Machines) has been at the center of modern microprocessors and embedded design. With a focus on low power consumption and a simple instruction set, the ARM core on its own boasted low cost, low power and design simplicity. At Klara we renewed our commitment to the datacenter of the future.

Kernel Development

Due to the numerous intricacies of kernel development, the management of the CPU, the memory and the interrupts it is not easy to find specialists that understand all of these moving parts. The kernel is the transition layer between hardware and software and our engineers are trained in finding the right way to translate the two together into stable features and patches.

ZFS Development

ZFS is as powerful as it is complex. And it is sought by many customers out there due to its flexibility for growing storage, and for using the storage to the fullest. ZFS remains one of the most technically advanced and feature-complete filesystems since it appeared in October 2005. ZFS is the filesystem that is “often imitated, never duplicated”. 

Driver Development

There are a number of reasons why we have developed a team focused on writing device drivers. The rate at which new hardware becomes available (and obsolete!) alone guarantees the need for this offering. The second most important reason is that customers choose hardware that runs the software stack they are already using. That is why it is important that your product have a FreeBSD device driver.


Upstreaming is essentially the qualification of either a bug or a patch. Upstreaming in any open operating system is an important step towards continuity. If your developments are not included in future releases, then the incompatibilities will just grow. We are here to help you upstream your developments to the community and to ensure a smooth integration between your code and the open source release.

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Our Commitment to Open Source

The story of Klara is deeply rooted in open source values. We are a direct the result of the FreeBSD open source community and we will continue to uphold those values. Community building and transparency are some of the most important traits in the way we approach our customers and their business.

Let’s build something great together!