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ZFS Observability – Extracting vdev metrics for storage insight

OpenZFS provides a wealth of both real-time and historic metrics to monitor, but it requires experience to understand those metrics and what they mean for your workload.

Join our hosts as they drill down into the metrics to determine the health of a pool, explain performance bottlenecks, and even break usage down per dataset.

What will you learn?

  • How to access the different kinds of metrics
  • How to feed the metrics into your monitoring system
  • How to make sense of the results
  • What to alert on, and what is normal
  • How to decide when you need to change your pool

Latest webinar recordings

Watching FreeBSD and ZFS content at your own leisure has never been easier! Check out recording from our previous webinar sessions.

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ZFS VDEV Properties

In our recording from BSDCan 202, Klara Inc. CTO Allan Jude talks about OpenZFS. We start by describing various techniques to utilize the new per-vdev properties feature that was added to OpenZFS in late 2021.

Open-Source Virtualization – Getting started with bhyve in FreeBSD


Virtualization is a critical component of many tech stacks, FreeBSD’s bhyve offers a unique light weight legacy-free experience that can get your VMs running closer to the metal. Learn what makes bhyve different and how to get started using this exciting hypervisor in our latest webinar. We’ll delve into the different device emulation options and discuss the considerations that go into getting the best performance from your VM.

Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD


Security is a key topic nowadays, and having an appropriate strategy to certificate management is essential. FreeBSD includes a certificate root trust store along with a tool for managing the trust store that works together with the update process to alleviate some of the pains of managing certificates.

FreeBSD Arm64 Flexibility with Ampere

For this Tech Talk at the 2021 FreeBSD Developer Summit we invited Sean Varley, Sr. Solutions Director at Ampere Computing and Andrew Wafaa, Senior Director Software Communities at Arm to discuss the current state of Arm platforms on FreeBSD.

Improving Recovery Objectives with OpenZFS

This talk discusses two key concepts in mission continuity: the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RPO can be understood as “how long has it been since your last good backup,” while the equally important but less-frequently discussed RTO can be understood as “how long until recovery is completed.”

Introduction to OpenZFS 2.0

The release of OpenZFS 2.0 means the end to “ZFS on Linux” and it has been a long-awaited move from all communities. 

The Sysadmin’s Guide to ZFS

history of ZFS

During this second webinar on Open ZFS Steve Wills will take you through the fundamentals of ZFS from system administrator’s perspective. 

Best Practices for Optimizing ZFS

FreeBSD and OpenZFS

Check out or first webinar on OpenZFS. Allan Jude will walk you through an initial discovery of the “Best Practices of ZFS”.