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Check here for our most popular and our most demanded videos. This section changes based on sessions we had in the past, or most interesting developments in the field of ZFS storage or FreeBSD Development.


Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD

In this webinar, Kyle Evans (Senior Software Engineer, Klara Inc.), and Allan Jude (CTO, Klara Inc.) will cover valuable questions such as the pitfalls of not centralizing trust management, how to manage trust, and so on.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Introduction to certctl(8) – What is certctl and how to use it
  • Trust local certificates – Active Directory, network filters or other internal network services with signed or self-signed certs
  • The security challenges of not centralizing trust management – What happens when you have more than one certificate trust bundle EOF.

Best Practices for Optimizing ZFS

Check out or first webinar on OpenZFS. Allan Jude will walk you through an initial discovery of the “Best Practices of ZFS”.

During this webinar Allan will touch on the following topics:

  • Building Your Storage Array – Everything from picking the best hardware to RAID-Z and using mirrors.
  • Keeping up with Data Growth – Expanding and growing your pool, and of course, shrinking with device evacuation.
  • Datasets and Properties – Controlling settings with properties and many other tricks!

Open ZFS 2.0

Introducing OpenZFS 2.0

The release of OpenZFS 2.0 means the end to “ZFS on Linux” and it has been a long-awaited move from all communities.

During this webinar, Allan will walk you through the following topics:

  • What’s new in OpenZFS 2.0
  • How does OpenZFS 2.0 impact existing ZFS installations
  • How to get access to the newest features of OpenZFS 2.0 in FreeBSD 12
  • Plan future installations to take advantage of the metadata segregation and persistent caching