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ZFS Encryption and ZFS Compression

Quick troubleshooting of FreeBSD OS issues is crucial to minimize downtime and prevent disruptions, which can impact productivity and user experience. It helps maintain system performance at its peak, ensuring that critical services run smoothly.

Join the Klara team for our next FreeBSD webinar. Come watch and listen to our co-founder Allan Jude, FreeBSD engineering Manager Joseph Atkinson, and Solutions Engineer JT Pennington as they examine how to quickly assess the performance of a FreeBSD machine. Learn the warning signs of an overloaded or under-performing system and what you can do about it.

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Watching FreeBSD and ZFS content at your own leisure has never been easier! Check out recording from our previous webinar sessions.

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OpenZFS Data Replication

infrastructure audit

OpenZFS replication is important to any storage process by providing a reliable mechanism for safeguarding data through remote copies, ensuring data integrity and consistency across locations, minimizing downtime with near-real-time synchronization, enabling geographical flexibility for enhanced availability, resilience, and disaster recovery, and ultimately fostering robust business continuity with efficient backup strategies and rapid recovery mechanisms.

Join Klara co-founder Allan Jude and ZFS Expert Jim Salter examine how to reliably replicate data using ZFS send and receive.OpenZFS replication is the ideal solution for backing up and moving data between machines or continents while maintaining absolute data integrity and optimizing performance.

Deploying a Successful Performance Audit

infrastructure audit

Performance auditing seeks to understand why a system performs as it does. This understanding is key to improving performance, understanding bottlenecks, and guiding the design of your current and future infrastructure.  

Join Allan Jude, ZFS Engineering Manager and co-Founder of Klara Inc. and Mateusz Piotrowski, Senior Systems Engineer, two of Klara’s storage performance experts, as we contrast production systems with and without performance auditing. 

The Case for OS Diversity and Independence

The open-source ecosystems that power IT infrastructure provide a variety of options for each component. By understanding and taking advantage of this fact we can build more resilient and robust systems. Your hosts, Klara co-founder Allan Jude, and Alex Kretzschmar explain the advantages of OS Diversity and the pitfalls of monocultures.

OpenZFS Data Protection – Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Safe

OpenZFS is an ideal solution for enterprise-level applications and workloads due to its powerful and scalable file system that provides advanced data management and protection features. Check out our co-founder Allan Jude in a conversation with ZFS Solutions Architect JT Pennington examine best practices for ensuring data protection while using OpenZFS.

ZFS ObservabilityExtracting ZFS vdev Metrics for Intelligent Storage Insight

Observability is the art of linking plain monitoring information with intelligent insights. It’s not just about a monitoring screen full of errors – it’s about what they mean and how you can connect them to events. OpenZFS provides a wealth of both real-time and historic metrics to monitor, but it requires experience to understand those metrics and what they mean for your workload.

Enterprise Security: Deploying 2FA for SSH on FreeBSD

freebsd security authentication

Security threats can come from both inside and outside your organization, defense-in-depth with multiple layers of security provides the best posture for your infrastructure. In this webinar we discuss the various two-factor authentication mechanisms for SSH on FreeBSD and how to select the right one for your deployment.

Fireside Chat – FreeBSD Infrastructure War Stories

FreeBSD Webinar

Anyone who has made a career out of managing infrastructure will have accumulated a few interesting stories. Our guest has a few more FreeBSD stories than most. Join our hosts, Allan Jude and Benedict Reuschling as they discuss the adventures of a serious FreeBSD infrastructure sysadmin.

BSDCan 2022 Presents – OpenZFS VDEV Properties

In our recording from BSDCan 2022, Klara Inc. CTO Allan Jude talks about OpenZFS. We start by describing various techniques to utilize the new per-vdev properties feature that was added to OpenZFS in late 2021.

Open-Source Virtualization – Getting started with bhyve in FreeBSD


Virtualization is a critical component of many tech stacks, FreeBSD’s bhyve offers a unique light weight legacy-free experience that can get your VMs running closer to the metal. Learn what makes bhyve different and how to get started using this exciting hypervisor in our latest webinar. We’ll delve into the different device emulation options and discuss the considerations that go into getting the best performance from your VM.

The Ecosystem of Open Source With Klara and iX Systems

Whether we’re talking about databases, containers, operating systems or networking, open source is becoming more and more relevant. Customers want transparency and openness in their systems, rather than unmanageable black-boxes.

Learn about software-defined storage, open source hypervisors and how to support your application environment in another, better way with Klara Systems’ CTO Allan Jude and IX Systems’ Marketing VP Mario Blandini.

Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD


Security is a key topic nowadays, and having an appropriate strategy to certificate management is essential. FreeBSD includes a certificate root trust store along with a tool for managing the trust store that works together with the update process to alleviate some of the pains of managing certificates.

FreeBSD Arm64 Flexibility with Ampere

For this Tech Talk at the 2021 FreeBSD Developer Summit we invited Sean Varley, Sr. Solutions Director at Ampere Computing and Andrew Wafaa, Senior Director Software Communities at Arm to discuss the current state of Arm platforms on FreeBSD.

Improving Recovery Objectives with OpenZFS

This talk discusses two key concepts in mission continuity: the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RPO can be understood as “how long has it been since your last good backup,” while the equally important but less-frequently discussed RTO can be understood as “how long until recovery is completed.”

Introduction to OpenZFS 2.0

The release of OpenZFS 2.0 means the end to “ZFS on Linux” and it has been a long-awaited move from all communities. 

The Sysadmin’s Guide to ZFS

history of ZFS

During this second webinar on Open ZFS Steve Wills will take you through the fundamentals of ZFS from system administrator’s perspective. 

Best Practices for Optimizing ZFS

FreeBSD and OpenZFS

Check out or first webinar on OpenZFS. Allan Jude will walk you through an initial discovery of the “Best Practices of ZFS”.