FreeBSD and ZFS Curated Content for the Holidays

Fireside Reads for Your Holiday Kickback

FreeBSD and ZFS Curated Content

Check out our special holiday reads! This curated list encompasses the most interesting reads from our article and webinar series this year.

The year is coming to an end, and most of us looking forward to kick back and relax after a year of social distancing, Zoom-ing and stress. To entertain you during the holiday period, we recommend that you set up your virtual fireplace and go through some of our recommended Tech Holiday Reads.

FreeBSD Must Reads

FreeBSD has a rich and at times, troublesome history – everything from how it started to the lawsuits, to the BSDi affairs to 386BSD all of it reads like an incredible journey to the present. In our article series we already covered 3 different eras in the History of FreeBSD (and more to come!)

ZFS Must Reads

With the recent arrival of OpenZFS 2.0, we’ve curated a list to get your ZFS knowledge up to speed!

Transparent (inline) configurable compression is one of OpenZFS’ many compelling features—but it is also one of the more frequently misunderstood features.  Learn more about it in our “OpenZFS: Understanding Transparent Compression” piece.

Zpool iostat is one of the essential tools in any serious ZFS storage admin’s toolbox—and we have just the perfect article for you to go over the theory and practice of using it to troubleshoot performance in our “OpenZFS: Using zpool iostat to monitor pool performance and health” article.

Webinars to Watch

Our first webinar on ZFS was a major hit. So in case you missed it, we think it might be pretty interesting to give it a watch. Aptly named “Best Practices for Optimizing ZFS“, the webinar explains how to tune your ZFS performance with good planning and design.

We’re coming back in January with more content, webinars, articles and just quality information on FreeBSD and ZFS. But we want to show you a small teaser in what’s coming.

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Getting expert FreeBSD advice is as easy as reaching out to us!

At Klara, we have an entire team dedicated to helping you with your FreeBSD projects. Whether you’re planning a FreeBSD project, or are in the middle of one and need a bit of extra insight, we’re here to help!

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The Birth of UNIX

In his 1999 book In the Beginning… Was the Command Line, Neal Stephenson said the following about Unix: “Windows 95 and MacOS are products, contrived by engineers in the service of specific companies. Unix, by contrast, is not so much a product as it is a painstakingly compiled oral history of the hacker subculture. It is our Gilgamesh epic.”
Read more about how the story of UNIX actually goes.

NET 1 2

History of FreeBSD – Net/1 and Net/2 – A Path to Freedom

Let’s talk some more FreeBSD history. From the release of 4.3BSD to how networking for all became available and Net/1 and Net/2 came to be.
This article is going to cover the time period from the release of 4.3BSD with TCP/IP to the BSD lawsuits. This period set the stage for BSD as we know it today.


Tracing the History of ARM and FreeBSD

Did you know that during the course of the day, you have spent more time interacting with Arm processors than any other architectures. And FreeBSD can take advantage of this technology. Let’s take a look at the Arm architecture.

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