Webinar – Best Practices For Optimizing ZFS

Best Practices For Optimizing ZFS

Part 1: Great ZFS Performance Begins with Design and Planning

ZFS was introduced in 2001 to make storage administration easier by combining the filesystem with the volume manager, introducing new levels of redundancy, and a much simpler user interface, ZFS works for most common use cases out-of-the-box, but to get the most out of it requires understanding what it is doing, and how each of the tuning knobs impacts it.

During the first webinar in the “Best Practices for ZFS” series, Allan will touch on the following topics:

  • Building Your Storage Array – Everything from picking the best hardware to RAID-Z and using mirrors.
  • Keeping up with Data Growth – Expanding and growing your pool, and of course, shrinking with device evacuation.
  • Datasets and Properties – Controlling settings with properties and many other tricks!

Duration: 1h.

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Get to know your host!

VP of Engineering and Co-founder at Klara Inc., Allan Jude has been on the team since the beginning. Shepperding an amazing team of developers and sysadmins, he is the technical heart of our team. A community go-to person for ZFS and open source through and through, Allan enjoys spending his time improving on ZFS, FreeBSD and making open source code better.