Webinar – The Sysadmin’s Guide to ZFS

The Sysadmin’s Guide to ZFS

Get into the basics of ZFS and see the power of a next generation file system!

ZFS was introduced in 2001 to make storage administration easier by combining the filesystem with the volume manager, introducing new levels of redundancy, and a much simpler user interface, ZFS works for most common use cases out-of-the-box, but to get the most out of it requires understanding what it is doing, and how each of the tuning knobs impacts it.

During this second webinar on OpenZFS, Steve Wills will take you through the fundamentals of ZFS from system administrator’s perspective.

  • Pools, vdevs and datasets – Learn about the basic items in ZFS, and learn to create your own pool during this session.
  • Why you don’t need fstab or fsck! – And why ZFS is in general better off without it.
  • The power of ZFS – Overviewing snapshots, clones and replication.

Duration: 1h.

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<strong>Get to know your host!</strong>
Get to know your host!

Senior FreeBSD Engineer at Klara Inc, Steve Wills is an experienced FreeBSD user, ports developer and power ZFS user. He has been using FreeBSD since 2002, a ports committer since 2010, and is a member of the portmgr team.