Webinar – Extracting ZFS vdev Metrics for Intelligent Storage Insight

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ZFS ObservabilityExtracting ZFS vdev Metrics for Intelligent Storage Insight

Leverage power of intelligent monitoring that is built in by default in ZFS to tune up your storage environment

ZFS Observability – Extracting ZFS dev Metrics for Intelligent Storage Insight

Observability is the art of linking plain monitoring information with intelligent insights. It’s not just about a monitoring screen full of errors – it’s about what they mean and how you can connect them to events. OpenZFS provides a wealth of both real-time and historic metrics to monitor, but it requires experience to understand those metrics and what they mean for your workload.

Join our hosts, Allan Jude – CTO at Klara Inc. and Mateusz Piotrowski – Senior System Engineer at Klara Inc. as they drill down into the metrics to determine the health of a pool, explain performance bottlenecks, and even break usage down per dataset.

What will you learn?

  • How to access the different kinds of metrics
  • How to feed the metrics into your monitoring system
  • How to make sense of the results
  • What to alert on, and what is normal
  • How to decide when you need to change your pool

When: 27th of October 2022, 1:00 PM EST

Duration: 45min.

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<strong>Get to know your host!</strong>
Get to know your host!

VP of Engineering and Co-founder at Klara Inc., Allan Jude has been on the team since the beginning. Shepperding an amazing team of developers and sysadmins, he is the technical heart of our team. A community go-to person for ZFS and open source through and through, Allan enjoys spending his time improving on ZFS, FreeBSD and making open source code better.