Webinar – Deploying a Successful Performance Audit

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Deploying a Successful Performance Audit

Deploying a Successful Performance Audit

Performance auditing seeks to understand why a system performs as it does. This understanding is key to improving performance, understanding bottlenecks, and guiding the design of your current and future infrastructure.  

In this presentation we will share our experience with systems that have had a performance audit performed versus those that have not. Discover the significance of this recurring process and the key areas it should focus on. 

Join Allan Jude, ZFS Engineering Manager and co-Founder of Klara Inc. and Mateusz Piotrowski, Senior Systems Engineer, two of Klara’s storage performance experts, as we contrast production systems with and without performance auditing. 

Your takeaways after the webinar:

  • What Goes In a Performance Audit – Learn what are the relevant components to a insightful audit.
  • Pitfalls of failing to understand storage performance  – Why is the storage not performing as you expect, and what key metrics to leverage.
  • The Importance of Regular Auditing – Workload needs change over time, and infrastructure needs to adapt. Regular audits help you consistently build that insight.

Duration: 40min

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