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Expert FreeBSD and World-class ZFS Support

Your FreeBSD and ZFS goals are ours to support and enable. Becoming market-leaders in FreeBSD Support and ZFS Support is one of the reasons behind the start of Klara. Excellence in delivery is one of our main pillars, and we had countless opportunities to show our customers the many ways in which we can support their infrastructure efforts.

The journey we create together is meant to help you grow and care for your infrastructure in a simple and painless way. Whether this is your first time working with FreeBSD or ZFS, or you are simply expanding your IT infrastructure, we can help at every chapter of the story. We understand your need for enterprise support but more importantly, we understand the need for a partnership.

FreeBSD Support Subscription

The monthly subscription is designed for enterprises of all sizes looking for a helping hand with their infrastructure. Either because you’re scoping some work, or because you’re looking for a bit of advice, this FreeBSD Support Subscription gives you the flexibility to do it all: increase the amount of hours, reduce and ultimately negotiate your budget based on your needs.

ZFS Support Subscription

Aimed at customers that take advantage of the flexibility of the ZFS filesystem, the ZFS Support Subscription is just as simple as the FreeBSD subscription. Sign up for the amount of hours you need and then adjust it as you go along. Start with a minimum amount of items you want in scope, and increase the scope as our partnership grows. Stay in control of your budget the entire time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions from our customers and potential customers alike. Don’t find an answer here? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


FreeBSD and ZFS Support FAQ

Q1. How many hours in a subscription?

To make it easy – we start with a minimum of 5 hours per month. If that is not enough, we can adjust it to fit your needs.  

Q2. Are all FreeBSD and ZFS tasks included in the subscription?

Yes, both FreeBSD and ZFS are fully covered by the scope of the monthly subscription.

Q3. Can I use the monthly subscription for small projects or deployments?

The simple answer is: it depends. Usually, the risk is that projects or deployments run over budget, and the subscription has a fixed amount of hours. However, we are here to help, if you have an idea about a project that should be covered, let us know and we will work with you.

Q4. Does the monthly subscription cover sysadmin tasks or patch development?

The retainer is a catch-all for your FreeBSD infrastructure needs. Whether you’re using the retainer for tweaking your ZFS infrastructure, or fixing a bug that had been a thorn in your team’s back for a bit too long.

Q5. Does the monthly subscription cover upstreaming?


Q6. How often can I change my subscription model?

We want our customers to take advantage of their subscription, so we need a bit of a learning curve. We advise changing the subscription model no more often than 3 months in order to allow our team to understand your needs.

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