ZFS Developer

ZFS Developer

ZFS Developer
  • Remote:  Yes 
  • Locations: Global 
  • Full-time/part-time:  Full-time 
  • Employment/Contract: Contract (preferred) 
  • Category: Engineering 
  • Experience:  3+ Years 

About Us:

As a provider of open-source services, Klara focuses on the art of open software and community-driven development. We believe that in order to foster creativity and advance technology in an ethical fashion we must continue fueling the spirit of open source.

At Klara, we rely on a mix of specialists and community to deliver FreeBSD, ZFS and Arm development services. We help customers standardize their environments running on FreeBSD and ZFS, and accelerate their platforms based on FreeBSD, ZFS and Arm.

About The Job  

As an OpenZFS Developer, you will report to the CTO of Klara Inc. where you will help our team deliver new features and enhancements to the OpenZFS file system.

This work includes investigating and resolving complex bugs and performance pathologies, designing and implementing new features, processes, and subsystems, as well as building new tests and maintaining/merging existing code across releases.


  • Work as part of a small cross-functional team to develop ZFS features and functionality 
  • Profile, investigate, and resolve ZFS performance pathologies 
  • Work with the community to prepare patches for upstreaming and address feedback on those patches
  • Take part in the upstream code review process, and represent your and the team’s work at monthly ZFS developer meetings
  • Work on OpenZFS across all supported operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, and illumos)
  • Derive, document, and present high-level system requirements from the associated detailed technology requirements

Skills and Qualifications

  • Deep and current understanding of the C programming language along with good knowledge of data structures
  • Awareness of the various concepts used in ZFS (MOS, DMU, ZPL, pooled storage, datasets, vdevs, boot environments, etc)
  • Experience with VFS and related operating system and file system concepts
  • In-depth knowledge of operating system fundamentals like threading, synchronization primitives/locking, inter-process communications, and process lifecycle
  • Great communication and documentation skills targeted at cross-team collaboration
  • Familiarity or experience contributing to open-source projects
  • Previous Kernel development experience preferred

If you’d rather talk to us via e-mail, just drop us a line at joinus [at] klarasystems.com.

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