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Unlock the power of your datacenter with ARM. Klara’s ARM and Embedded Software Development Team intelligently applies modern design methodologies and agile development best practices to firmware development from bare metal systems to multi-processor architectures.

The datacenter is the beating heart of all our data.

Where all our information is being stored, healthcare information processed, vaccines, automotive, traffic, food and so much more. Everything we have and know, is stored in a datacenter. In a cloud or on premises. The amount of data grows exponentially every year. We need reliable, resilient, secured datacenters to go further.

ARM processors are a designation of central processing units (CPUs) based on a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture. ARM architectures symbolize a different approach to system hardware design than more ordinary server architectures. Over the last several years, the ARM ecosystem has emerged with server-optimized products and solutions designed for virtualization, cloud, hyper-scale computing, telecommunications, edge computing, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. As a result, ARM delivers a reliable, high-performance platform with a uniform application environment across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

Benefits of Working with Klara

Expertise and Ability to Innovate

Klara’s team of expert engineers has extensive experience developing complex systems for various applications in regulated industries. In addition, our developers employ a systems engineering mindset to deliver robust, extensible firmware architectures for downstream processes like system integration, verification, and validation.

Cost Saving and Rapid Development

Real-world expertise in the field of ARM and Embedded Systems is scarce. Klara has over ten years of experience delivering embedded system solutions at the enterprise level. Klara is ready immediately as a plug-and-play solution for your business needs.

Bespoke and Tailored to Your Needs

When developing a new or unique product or device, the integration of hardware, software, and programmable logic needs to be refined. Embedded systems often include custom-designed hardware and software, which need to be developed in parallel. Klara‚Äôs experienced engineers will ensure the solution is tailor-made for your needs.


Start Developing Your Embedded Project Today

Klara serves the best companies in the world. We deliver exceptional Embedded Development & ARM solutions for world-class businesses in every industry, from dynamic startups to enterprise-level companies. Our expert engineers are fully committed to your solution and will work with you at every step of the development process.

Our teams aim to create complete embedded solutions to meet your requirements and integrate them into the business process. From embedded systems architecture & design, real-time software design, documentation production, prototyping, and manufacturing, to schematic designing, BOM management & sourcing, and embedded C/C++ coding of micro-controllers, we are also highly active in IoT development.

We provide specialist embedded software development for applications involving microcontrollers or microprocessors on their own or within a more extensive system. Our embedded system development expertise, proven process, and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability, and speed of delivery to our customers. We work with open-source operating systems and create all levels of software, from firmware to application software.

Three Reasons to Choose Klara

  1. Industry-leading engineers with 10+ years of experience
  2. Full-Spectrum solution development and support services
  3. Maximum Cost-Benefit for your business requirements

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