Webinar – OpenZFS’s Newest Features

ZFS Webinar

OpenZFS’s Newest Features

Let’s come together in this AMA session and talk about OpenZFS’ newest features

OpenZFS’s Newest Features

ZFS greatly simplifies the administration of storage, but as an ever improving filesystem and volume manager it is important to stay on top of new developments.

In this webinar, Klara’s CTO, Allan Jude, will answer your questions about ZFS, with a focus on some of the newest features like metadata vdevs and DRAID.

  • When and how should I use metadata vdevs?
  • How do I select the right device for SLOG, L2ARC, and metadata?
  • How does a ZFS scrub work?

Duration: 30min.

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<strong>Get to know your host!</strong>
Get to know your host!

VP of Engineering and Co-founder at Klara Inc., Allan Jude has been on the team since the beginning. Shepperding an amazing team of developers and sysadmins, he is the technical heart of our team. A community go-to person for ZFS and open source through and through, Allan enjoys spending his time improving on ZFS, FreeBSD and making open source code better.