Webinar – FreeBSD Infrastructure War Stories

FreeBSD Webinar Recording
FreeBSD Webinar

Fireside Chat – FreeBSD Infrastructure War Stories

We invite Benedict Reuschling to talk about his extensive experience of running FreeBSD in large infrastructures and tell us the strange and interesting scenarios he’s run into over the years

Fireside chat – FreeBSD infrastructure War Stories with Benedict Reuschling

Anyone who has made a career out of managing infrastructure will have accumulated a few interesting stories. Our guest has a few more FreeBSD stories than most.

Sysadmins deal with a large number of problems, ranging from technical (hard and software) to organizational, and let’s not forget the human side of things.

It’s what makes the job of a sysadmin so interesting and there are some good stories to tell. These adventures range from modern issues such as finding bitcoin miners to more typical tasks such as why log-rotation is important on the root partition, and that screensavers can eat your performance are only some of them.

Join our hosts, Allan Jude and Benedict Reuschling as they discuss the adventures of a serious FreeBSD infrastructure sysadmin.

What will you learn?

  • The real side of being a FreeBSD sysadmin
  • Running critical workloads on FreeBSD
  • Why log rotation is important on the root partition
  • How to find bitcoin miners using up your CPU

Duration: 45min.

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Get to know your host!

VP of Engineering and Co-founder at Klara Inc., Allan Jude has been on the team since the beginning. Shepperding an amazing team of developers and sysadmins, he is the technical heart of our team. A community go-to person for ZFS and open source through and through, Allan enjoys spending his time improving on ZFS, FreeBSD and making open source code better.