Webinar – Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD

FreeBSD Webinar

Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD

Increase the security of your systems by leveraging a core functionality in FreeBSD – Certificate Management

Enterprise Certificate Management on FreeBSD

Security is a key topic nowadays, and having an appropriate strategy to certificate management is essential. FreeBSD includes a certificate root trust store along with a tool for managing the trust store that works together with the update process to alleviate some of the pains of managing certificates.

Your hosts, Kyle Evans – Senior Software Engineer at Klara Inc, and Allan Jude – CTO at Klara Inc bring their years of experience in managing FreeBSD to help you understand the value of trust management.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Introduction to certctl(8) – What is certctl and how to use it to manage trust
  • Trust local certificates – Active Directory, network filters or other internal network services with locally or enterprise signed or self-signed certs
  • The security challenges of not centralizing trust management – What happens when you have more than one certificate trust bundle EOF.

Duration: 30min.

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<strong>Get to know your host!</strong>
Get to know your host!

VP of Engineering and Co-founder at Klara Inc., Allan Jude has been on the team since the beginning. Shepperding an amazing team of developers and sysadmins, he is the technical heart of our team. A community go-to person for ZFS and open source through and through, Allan enjoys spending his time improving on ZFS, FreeBSD and making open source code better.