Proactive Management and Support

Proactive Management and Support

The Klara Proactive Management and Support solution delivers a comprehensive and proactive stance when it comes to your infrastructure and how to maintain it. We help you define the standards and analysis framework for all types of infrastructures. By leveraging our teams of experts, your IT teams can focus more on delivering value to the organization and increasing applications time-to-market, and still have your IT infrastructure grow in a secure, and data-safe way.

The Challenge

IT Infrastructure is a critical part of any business today, but often it becomes a compounding problem in many infrastructures. The focus of the IT team lies with delivering value to the organization, and an infrastructure that is constantly growing will create more and more bottlenecks when it comes to configuration and maintaining it. Infrastructure that’s not proactively maintained becomes a direct target for security issues, data loss and just in general shorter time to market of application.

Accelerate your ZFS and FreeBSD Infrastructure

Klara’s proactive maintenance and support service shifts the burden of manually maintain your infrastructure. Sit back and allow us to communicate on the health of the infrastructure, examine your infrastructure for pending or missing security patches, inspecting the health of your hardware, monitoring your storage for faults and other key criteria for your infrastructure.

Getting Started


Get advanced notice about upcoming software releases that will impact your infrastructure. Work with your existing teams to schedule upgrades to better fit your organization as well as advice on how to improve performance for your workloads.

Storage analysis will help plan for future expansion and ensure you don’t run short of storage.

What Klara delivers:

  • Coordinated OS Upgrades
  • Continuous health monitoring
  • Hardware failure recovery assistance
  • Ongoing advice and recommendations
  • Monthly reports