Performance Audits

Performance Audit

The Klara Performance Audit solution delivers a comprehensive analysis framework for all types of infrastructures. We evaluate the resiliency and performance of the system by analyzing key performance indicators such as resource utilization, infrastructure saturation, CPU profiling and code inspection. Our team of experts can immediately intervene in critical situations and provide root cause analysis for severe infrastructure degradation and implement future-proof fixes.

The Challenge

The speed and scale of enterprise modernization is simply staggering. Many industries are experiencing widespread disruption and fierce competition. We need to deliver faster, better, more performant infrastructures that support the applications and your business.  

Optimize your ZFS and FreeBSD Infrastructure

When systems are not performing as well as it should, the downsides can range from dramatic to simple slowdowns whether it’s storage systems like OpenZFS or entire operating systems like FreeBSD. Expert analysis of the system using observability and tracing tools is required to start to understand where the slowdown is coming from, and how it might be resolved. 

Getting Started


Our infrastructure audit team will learn everything there is to know about how your system works and what you require from it. Our team will then suggest improvements to the architecture, tools, culture, and communication across your infrastructure. 

Let’s help you get started with your performance audit. What Klara delivers:

  • Resource utilization analysis (storage, networking, compute)
  • CPU and lock profiling at the OS level
  • Report on infrastructure saturation and hotspots
  • Hardware and software tracing and code inspection 
  • Root cause analysis