OS Image Management

OS Image Management

The Klara OS Image Management solution delivers a comprehensive array of customized FreeBSD OS images for all types of infrastructures. Leveraging FreeBSD’s single-source-of-truth development model, and its highly customizable build system, Klara provides mechanisms to build customized golden images to rapidly deploy preconfigured systems and containers, upgrade existing installations, or build highly specialized cloud images for all major public clouds (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCE, Oracle Cloud), for both X86_64 and ARM64.

The Challenge

Whether upgrading a single server, or a massive fleet, software updates need to be safe, atomic, and reliable. Combining the features of FreeBSD and ZFS, Klara helps customers develop lifecycle management systems for servers, embedded devices, and appliances, that offer safe, easy, and automated rollbacks, and atomic updates between versions of the OS.

Easily Tailor Your OS to Your Business Needs

By separating the core OS files from user data, it becomes possible to replace the OS with a newer version without impacting the user data, and to roll back to the older OS if there is an issue, without also having the roll back user changes. Integration with the FreeBSD boot loader, plus ZFS features like boot environments, snapshots, and checkpoints, and the bectl and jectl tools, unlocks an entirely new mechanism for updating in a safe and automated manner.

Getting Started


Our infrastructure audit team will take a first step in understanding what your OS needs are, and start working on a prototype for your environment. Our team will then suggest improvements to the architecture, tools, culture, and communication across your infrastructure. 

Let’s help you get started with your performance audit.

What Klara delivers:

  • Customized images
  • Overlay support (bring your own packages that require integration)
  • Pre-installed packages
  • Cloud integration (cloudinit, first-boot, etc)
  • CI Integration, release management