Software Development Credits

Software Development Credits

The Klara Software Development Credits solution delivers comprehensive development resources to support, maintain, and integrate software within your ecosystem. Providing a flexible way to deal with the smaller but no less critical issues that arise when deploying software in production. Our experienced team is available to resolve issues and adapt the software as needed to suit the needs of your infrastructure. 

The Challenge

Software is never finished. Developing and maintaining software requires ongoing effort, even if the software itself isn’t changing, the ecosystems around it continues to evolve and adapt. These changes can pull your IT resources away from delivering value for your organization.  

Flexible Development Resources 

Development projects with fixed deliverables are driven by a Statement of Work (SoW) – these usually define the in-scope nature of the deliverables, but also anything that’s out of scope. Clear milestones together with clear deadlines are what give predictability to these contracts. However, the ongoing maintenance and support of software requires more agility and less overhead. Requirements often develop quickly, but may be comparably small in scope.

Klara’s software development credits provide the flexibility to rapidly respond to new requirements whether your project is an OpenZFS, embedded or FreeBSD project. All this while still providing the long-term stability of an ongoing partnership. Leveraging software development credits allows your team to focus on your product, while our team of experts ensures your software gets the attention it needs

Getting Started 

Ensure you always have access to the expertise you need to keep your infrastructure working as it continues to evolve. Ongoing support from people who understands your application and how it is used ensures you get the best outcome. 


What’s in the box:

  • Year-long support for development projects – Take your time to figure out your development needs. Our team is on stand-by for you.
  • Ongoing software maintenance – To ensure maximum software compatibility and stability we define a system where we regularly check in and ensure everything is up to date.
  • System & OS upgrade assistance – Running on FreeBSD or developing on ZFS? Or maybe an unusual flavor of Linux? We’re here to to help.
  • Specialized troubleshooting services 
  • Advanced integration support