Audit Your ZFS Environment!

In October, we audit your ZFS environment for free!

Is your environment running on ZFS and want to know if you’re running the best practice configurations? Our team is here to give you the best metrics and configuration suggestions for your ZFS environment!

How Does It Work?

Staying on top of infrastructure challenges is not easy, and we want to help. Have your ZFS infrastructure be one of the 20 we audit in the month of October to help you get into the holiday period with no headaches!

How it works:

  • Fill in the details in the form on the right
  • Someone from our team will reach out to you to qualify the audit
  • Next step: schedule a conversation with your team about your environment
  • Based on the metrics and information you share with us us, we will perform additional investigations and suggestions
  • We will propose a series of improvements based on our findings
Anything specific you'd like us to look at?