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Staying up to date with the newest features and developments is not easy. Take advantage of our direct connection to the community and the newest developments in FreeBSD and ZFS. A learning subscription puts our trainers at your disposal and allows your team to stay current with the latest features in FreeBSD.  

Expert Training

With FreeBSD and ZFS being a specialized niche, it becomes even more important to have access to an array of experts. With Klara, you receive trainings from the most qualified engineers from the open source community. Accomplished trainers and instructors join us in our efforts to create quality training content for our customers.  

Hands-on Labs

Our aim is a high-quality, engaged experience. As a result, our trainings always come paired with custom-made hands-on labs. We believe a mix of teaching and self-learning allows for a fully immersive training experience for our customers regardless of the teaching method. We’re constantly evaluating our methods to make sure our customers get the best support.  

Online or On-site

COVID-19 is continuously changing the way we interact with each other. We have experience in delivering our FreeBSD and ZFS courses in a safe, remote fashion that takes into account all the necessary changes when doing online trainings. Through a combination of live sessions, hands-on labs and self-paced activities we guarantee a full immersion in the content of the course.

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We provide Enterprise Learning custom-designed for companies and organizations all over the world. Our learning solution suits every enterprise, being designed for teams of all sizes. Our experts are highly experienced professionals with years of experience in the field. 

With a focus on FreeBSD and ZFS learning, we offer a hands-on training, that will provide you with the knowledge to realize the full value of your technology. Our courses, covering ZFS and FreeBSD support, are intended to help you and your teams overcome any gaps impeding your business objectives. 

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